Travel Guard® 24/7 Emergency Assistance.

Travel Guard is a worldwide team of highly skilled doctors and medical professionals who are available by telephone to assist our valued Australian boating insurance customers 24 hours a day with medical advice in the event of a medical emergency or any associated problem.

In the event of a medical emergency please call Travel Guard on 1300 597 593. A medical professional will assess your situation and guide you through the process of managing your medical emergency.

Depending on your specific needs Travel Guard can provide telephone advice on:

  • Medical emergencies whilst boating in Australia and overseas;*

  • Medical monitoring during medical care on-board;*

  • Arranging medical evacuation/transportation.*

*Note that the service is advice only and does not include costs of medical care and/or evacuation/transportation costs.

Our blue water cruising customers will also have the added “Peace of Mind” knowing that Travel Guard is with them as they embark on their journey of a life time exploring the world on-board their boat. Travel Guard can also provide up to date information including:

  • In depth travel health and safety information;

  • Travel information, including visa/passport requirements;

  • Email alerts providing travellers with the latest updates on emerging situations for their selected travel destination.**

**sign up via the Travel Guard website:  use policy number: nautilus to create your username.

That’s why at Nautilus Marine we can say “Enjoy The Moment – We’ve Got You Covered

The AIG logo and Travel Guard are registered trademarks. Travel Guard services are provided by AIG Travel Asia-Pacific PTY Limited.