Survey cover insurance

The Nautilus Marine Boat Insurance Policy has been designed to provide cover for owners of boats that require a Survey, and or maintenance to be completed by an authorised Gold Anchor Marina.

At Nautilus Marine, we understand that the boat you choose, may require a survey, and/or maintenance to be completed prior to it being suitable to apply for the provision of ongoing insurance cover.

Working in partnership with selected Gold Anchor Marinas

GOLD ANCHOR MARINA: 2 Month Legal Liability & Wreck Removal:
  • $350 base premium + state based charges
  • $1000 Excess for Third Party Coverage
  • $2500 Excess for Salvage / Recovery Claims
  • Liability cover $10 Million
  • Policy cannot be extended or duplicated for future liftings
  • Non-Refundable for any period not used
  • For vessels up to 65ft & 60 tonnes
  • Photos & below application form to be provided & approved, prior to cover commencing.
  • Temporary cover, issued specifically for the period, and for the purpose of obtaining a survey and or maintenance, from the designated Gold Anchor Marina.
  • The issuance of this policy for this purpose does not oblige the insurer to consider the vessel for ongoing insurance cover, post this cessation of this cover.
  • The lift may or may not be able to be completed until the certificate of insurance is receipted, please liaise directly with the Gold Anchor Marina that is providing the survey, maintenance, lift to coordinate appropriate timings.