Commercial Hull and Liability

Our Commercial Vessel insurance is designed to provide simple and easy to understand cover for operators of commercial vessels. Contact us at for more information.

Boat and Ship Repairers’ Liability

With responsibility for watercraft and equipment in their care, custody and control, as well as the potential for claims by other people for injury, or damage to their property, this is an essential cover for boat and ship repairers.

Marina Operators’ Liability

This is our specifically designed policy providing broad cover for marina owners and operators, boat and yacht clubs, and other businesses where boats are left in their care. Cover can be tailored to suit individual operators or circumstances.

Marine Wharves Piles Jetties & Pontoons Insurance

“Marina” means an over water structure designed and constructed to facilitate berthing and storage of Watercraft and the provision of over water facilities and service to Watercraft

such as, but without limitation, the over water provision of fuel, fresh water, power and waste discharge facilities and services.

‘Marina’ extends to include:

(1) supporting piles and any other supporting infrastructure of the over water structure, and

(2) any over water tanks and ancillary tools and equipment incidental to the over water structure and/or its associated over water facilities and services

For the purposes of this, wharves, piles, jetties, floating breakwater and pontoons shall have the same meaning as ‘Marina’.

Boat Dealers and Builders Insurance

This policy and has been designed for a business that is primarily a Boat Retailer and/or Boat Builder and has Ship Repairing and Yacht Broking as part of their business activities.

It covers all stock owned or on consignment and the client’s business activities under the liability section.

Whilst the Policy is called “Boat Dealers & Builders” there is no requirement for the insured to be both a Boat Dealer and a Boat Builder. They can be either one, or both.

The Material Damage section covers the material damage to Watercraft – whether it is dealer stock ready for sale, chandlery or equipment owned by the insured or a boat in the process of being built.

Cover includes whilst such boats are on land or on water or being demonstrated or being exhibited or being delivered or being collected. Including cover for private pleasure use by the insured, the principals or Employees.

The Liability cover provides for the liabilities arising out of the insureds business as a Boat Dealer and/or Boat Builder and/or Ship Repairer and/or Yacht Broker.

Fire and Perils Packages

Our unique wording provides land-based protection for assets and liabilities of boating industry businesses nationwide. It’s secure, specific and tailored to the boating industry. Our business insurance solutions give you peace of mind, knowing that an industry specialist is behind your business insurance.

Claims Case Study: The Anchorage Marina

“What we found after our claims experience is that insurance can be a partnership,” says The Anchorage Marina Director Stephen O’Hare whose marina in Williamstown is protected by Nautilus Marine Insurance. “The after-claim experience with Nautilus Marine was amazing.” Watch the story of Stephen’s claims experience following a devastating storm which caused damage to both the marina and some moored vessels.