We catch up with Gavan Daly, Director of Webbe Marine in Sydney, to take a closer look at the 745 Game King model from New Zealand aluminium boat brand, Extreme Boats.

There are a lot of offshore vessels out there. In your opinion what makes Extreme stand out in this competitive market?

Extreme Boats has a long-standing reputation as being a very high-quality build with a finish second to none and over the years have won more awards at the prestigious Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show than any other aluminium boat manufacturer. Their performance is outstanding and instils a true feeling of safety and confidence while on the water.

Is there such a thing as a typical Extreme boat owner?

Extreme Boats will appeal to all types of boaties from the inshore family boaties to the experienced offshore game fishos looking for a safe, predictable and high-quality boat to have them covered in all situations. They will appeal to anyone looking for a boat they can trust.

Can you give us an overview of the 745 Game King and where it sits within the Extreme Boats range?

The 745 Game King is the ‘sweet spot’ as far as a boat that will do everything. It is a super capable boat that is equally at home offshore game fishing and inshore with the family enjoying water sports, and is still an easy boat to manage and tow.

How do you imagine buyers using this boat?

The 745 Game King will offer endless on water opportunities. Tow lures in search of gamefish offshore, or tow the kids around on the water toys – this boat will have buyers covered for all situations.

What initial reactions have you had from customers to this vessel?

The reception and feedback we received from our clients at the Sydney International Boat Show last August (which was our first release since joining forces with Extreme earlier in 2023) was fantastic, with several orders taken at the show and more since. The 745 really is a boat for all occasions and ticks all the boxes for performance, safety, and versatility.

What are the top five key features of the 745 Game King?

Safe, predictable, exceptional quality, versatile, performance.

What are some of the key design signatures of Extreme Boats?

Aesthetically, Extremes are in a league of their own with plenty of pleasing-to-the-eye curves and an exceptional finish. Some of the key design features in the Extreme hulls are the reverse chines which provide a dry and predictable ride, self-flooding keel which keeps them very stable at rest and plenty of reserve buoyancy making them a very safe boat.

What type of fishing do you imagine people doing on this boat?

The 745 Game King is certainly a boat that will appeal to the serious fishos and is right at home towing lures for pelagic gamefish such as marlin and tuna. Being a spacious and stable boat with plenty of shelter from the elements, the 745 Game King is an ideal platform for game fishing.

Talk to us about the build quality and the hull itself.

The build quality of all Extremes is exceptional, and they have built their reputation on it. Everything is fully welded (even smaller items such as rod holders and bungs) which creates a product that will stand the test of time. Below the decks, an extensive stringer and gusset configuration create a very strong hull that feels extremely solid on the water and fully sealed underfloor chambers either side of the fuel tank create a huge amount of reserve buoyancy.

The hulls are built out of heavy plate with 5mm marine grade plate (with 6 and 8mm upgrades available) used in the bottom skins and transom and a minimum of 4mm plate used elsewhere. This creates a strong hull and a hull that will last! The inner cabin walls are all double skinned enabling plenty of storage pockets to be incorporated and even the hard top is built strong enough for an adult to get on top of.

How would you describe the ride?

The ride on a 745 Game King gives you a feeling of confidence, comfort and ease. The boat runs nice and soft and holds its line exceptionally well. It has a very predictable ride which is super important when in larger sea states or while crossing river bars and you always know what it is going to do.

How are the build and delivery timelines shaping up at the moment?

With so much positive feedback received not only on the 745 Game King but all models at the Sydney International Boat Show, we forward-ordered a lot of boats with the factory with the expectation of a busy summer season. So, if you are looking to get into a new boat for summer we can accommodate that.

You’ll love this boat if… you are looking for a boat that can do it all!

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