Escape the daily grind and hit the water for a mid week boating

Have you ever noticed some people seem to have more time? They have more time to work and more time to play. How do they manage it when the rest of us struggle to find spare time for the activities we love? The truth is we all have the same amount of time; there’s 24 hours each day and some people just maximise every minute and rarely waste time.

One solution to ensure you spend more time on the water is the mid-week micro boating
adventure. Most of us live close to the water and sneaking out for a quick two or three hours is
a great way of keeping sane and ensuring your boat gets plenty of use. 

Why mid-week?

Why not? If you live close enough to the water and you have a spare hour or two, time on the water is time well spent. We spend so much time looking at our phones, watching TV or working on computer screens. Spending time in the outdoors, even for short periods is a great way to reset.

Another big factor is avoiding crowds. Most people work during the week and don’t make the effort for early morning jaunts on the local waterway. Those of us who do make the effort are rewarded with empty boat ramps, ample parking, and importantly, empty waterways. or someone who frequents such a busy waterway, that’s a rare treat. Heading out early morning and later afternoon is also, coincidentally, the peak times for fishing. getting out on the water at dawn is a fantastic time to catch fish.

If you match this with the right tides, you have the recipe for some memorable fishing. Late afternoons can be just as good for fishing. Early mornings and late afternoons are also great for escaping summer heat and sunburn. Afternoons are typically windier on bays and harbours and, while that’s not so great for fishing, it makes great sailing conditions.

On that note, joining a local sailing club and participating in mid-week twilight sailing events is a great idea. It’s a fantastic way of meeting like-minded sailors and enjoying some friendly competition while learning the ropes. In my experience, there’s also a cold beer never far away.

Another reason mid-week boating escapades are so valuable is the frequent use of your boat. You’ve most likely spent a lot of money on your pride and joy and using it regularly will provide better value.

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