Own a trailer boat? Follow this general inspection list before setting out on your next trip. Remember, if you spot anything that looks damaged or faulty, always have it checked out by a professional. Don’t risk something going wrong when you’re on the water!

  1. Check your battery: look at the state of charge and the general condition of your battery. Check the connections to the battery for corrosion, examine the tightness of clamps and cables and battery anchor points.
  2. Test start your engine: start your engine with water feed and run until warm.
  3. Check the tilt and trim: look at your tilt and trim functionality. Watch out for leaks around the ram seals.
  4. Inspect the hull: do a complete visual check of the hull including the sides, transom and underneath. Look out for cracks, dings and holes.
  5. Check your bung plugs: look for any weeping around the bung housing, skin fittings and other hull penetration points including the condition of the actual bung plug.
  6. Test your steering: check the steering for ease of use by moving it side to side.
  7. Look at your oil reservoirs: check your oil reservoirs are up to the required level if you have a two-stroke engine or check the dipstick level on a four-stroke engine.
  8. Check your fuel lines: visually inspect fuel lines and primer bulb and water separator.
  9. Look at your electronics: check the functionality of your marine radio and your GPS or chartplotter.
  10. Look at your lighting: check your navigational lighting.
  11. Double check your safety gear: Effective safety gear is essential. Check all your safety gear is in good operating condition. Double check the expiry dates of your marine flares, fire extinguishers and inflatable life jackets.
  12. Look at your trailer coupling: inspect your trailer coupling, winch mechanism and cable strap. Look out for excessive wear and bow eye security.
  13. Look at your trailer tyres: check the condition and pressure levels of your tyres. You should also check out the lubrication of bearings and ensure that your trailer wheels are spinning freely.
  14. Check your trailer lights: inspect your trailer lights and plug.
  15. Fill up with fresh fuel: fuel loses its octane rating over time. This can cause running issues for your boat. Ensure your fuel is always fresh.

For inspection services and boat care advice visit www.seaworthyinspections.com.au or call 1300 462 883 in Australia.

Read the full story in the October-November issue of Nautilus Marine Magazine.