One of the world’s leading sailing electronics manufacturers, B&G, has launched the most advanced sailing processor to hit the sailing market.

B&G Triton Edge is the brains behind a sailboat’s electronics and onboard data systems. The ultra-fast processors deliver an enhanced suite of accurate sailing data to your B&G Triton and Nemesis displays, B&G Vulcan or Zeus chartplotters. The information can also be accessed via webserver, allowing you to upload data recordings to the cloud to be viewed, replayed, and analysed in the B&G Companion App.

“Triton Edge is designed for sailors running a cruising or dual-purpose cruising/racing system,” says Tracy Cox, Global Brand Manager, B&G. “It provides the sophistication and expanded information you need to sail faster and make better decisions out on the water without over-complication. It provides sailors and skippers with a wealth of benefits, primarily by expanding on sailing data and enhancing accuracy through improved calibration and management of data sources.”


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