We caught up with Maritimo Managing Director Tom Barry-Cotter to chat about Maritimo’s plans for Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS) in May.

The luxury motor yacht brand will display six models on water, and it promises to be a highlight of SCIBS 2023, encompassing the global launches of Maritimo’s two new flagship vessels, the M75 and S75.

Can you talk us through your plans for SCIBS. What can people expect from Maritimo’s on-water display?

This year’s display will once again top the previous year as we’ll be showcasing our largest vessels ever made at Maritimo. The M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht and S75 Sedan Motor Yacht will make their global launch at this year’s show.

SCIBS is always a special event in the Maritimo calendar. Can you talk us through Maritimo’s history with SCIBS?

SCIBS has always been our home show due to its close proximity to the factory, and because it is Australia’s premiere international boat show. Maritimo has been going to SCIBS for 20 years now, so it’s a headline show close to our heart.

Speaking of 20 years, 2023 also marks Maritimo’s 20th anniversary. Has celebrating that milestone influenced your planning for this year’s SCIBS on-water display?

The focus for SCIBS this year is the 75s, but we will also be officially announcing the 20th anniversary launch celebrations, which will kick off after SCIBS.

What are you most excited for at SCIBS 2023?

We are excited to welcome all our existing and new Maritimo owners and we can’t wait to see the look on our owners’ faces as they witness the 75s on water for the very first time.

In your opinion, what is it about SCIBS that makes it such a special boat show? How would you describe the atmosphere?

SCIBS is unique in that it utilises a marine village layout so that you have a mix of bars, restaurants and retail infused with the latest from the boating industry in a world-class marina.

Any early indications on attendance? Do you expect many internationally based Maritimo customers and partners to come over for the show?

This year will see show attendees from Europe, Asia and the Americas all welcomed back, as travel restrictions are fully lifted. We are excited to be welcoming both our overseas sales and service network as well as our owners from around the globe back to our home show, and the home of Maritimo.

As we touched on previously, the M75 and S75 will have their global debuts at SCIBS 2023. Can you talk to us about the significance of these vessels for Maritimo?

The M75 and S75 motor yachts draw from a wealth of feedback from our owners all over the world, spanning more than two years of concept development and planning. At Maritimo, owner input is something that is constantly used by our Australian design team, and the 75s see us creating our most progressive vessels to date, while retaining the Maritimo DNA of long-range efficiency, superb ride and superior quality from construction through to furnishings. They will form the new leaders of the fleet.

Talk us through all the models you’ll be showcasing at SCIBS this year.

We’ll have the M75, S75, M60, M600, M55, and S55 on show. Showcasing the latest evolutionary design form released over the past few years.

How is the build process on the 75s progressing?

The 75 build is progressing well, and we can’t wait to show these new vessels to the world. Right now, the two 75s are in the engineering division where we see all the engines, gyros, water makers, etc., being installed based on the customer’s preferences.

Lastly, where can our readers find you at SCIBS?

Maritimo’s on water display would be in its usual high-profile position at the head of F-Arm, just east of the Maritimo sales suite.

Visit maritimo.com.au

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