We caught up with Maritimo Managing Director Tom Barry-Cotter to get an update on Maritimo’s new 75ft flagship vessels, the M75 and S75, which are set to make their global debuts in a few months.

The M75 and S75 have been described as the ‘jewels in the Maritimo crown’ as they will be the largest vessels in the Maritimo fleet. Can you share some insights about the significance of these vessels?

The M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht and S75 Sedan Motor Yacht have been in development for over two years, but they have been almost 20 years in the making. These models are of great significance to Maritimo, as they are the symbol of our brand’s dedication and the embodiment of the past two decades of evolution in crafting the world’s ultimate long-range cruising motor yachts.

How do these vessels compare to other large luxury motor yachts in this category?

These Maritimo models truly define the category in which they sit. Twenty years ago, Maritimo defined the long-range cruising motor yacht category by being the first to introduce a vessel with offshore cruising prowess, extended capacity and range, walk-around side decks, aft galley, and fully enclosed flybridge sky lounge with internal staircase.

Capability, capacity, and comfort are what set Maritimo motor yachts apart from all others, and the M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht and S75 Sedan Motor Yacht elevate these three elements to an entirely new level. The 75’s capabilities all centre on the latest evolution of Maritimo’s heralded highly efficient, stable wide beam, soft riding blue water cruising hull design, with the most dependable and reliable engineering and systems, and latest advancement of our renown straight shaft drive technology.

Our capacities and combined capabilities and efficiencies are unmatched. Whether in combination of fuel capacity and efficiency to extend range, or galley capability in combination with storage capacity to minimise the vessel’s reliance on returning to port, Maritimo has been obsessive in focusing on the needs of long-range cruising boaters across countless aspects of the 75’s design and engineering.

Maritimo has been acknowledged for understating the length designation of our product, and offering accommodations and deck spaces that dwarf other vessels much larger in size designation. The accommodation volume and amount of deck space aboard the Maritimo 75s further positions them in a class of their own. Long-range cruising adventures are fruitless if they are not comfortable. The level of comfort and luxury engrained into every space within the new 75s is astounding.

What has customer response been like to the M75 and S75 vessels thus far? The response has been incredible. Our Maritimo family are incredibly excited, and proud of the pathway we are forging. Even with a new dedicated production line, orders for the new 75s stretch well into 2025, so we have many years production ahead of us, even before the first 75 hits the water.

Maritimo has made significant upgrades to its production facilities recently, can you share some more details about that?

Maritimo’s main production line is constrained to being able to manage the manufacturing of vessels up to 70ft in length, so new purpose-built facilities were required to handle Maritimo’s new larger models. Maritimo also created a second team of highly skilled craftspeople who are dedicated to the manufacturing of these new models. These new facilities can handle the manufacturing of vessels up to 100ft, although Maritimo has no plans to go to that size just yet. The entire production area is brand new, and state-of-the-art. The area not only ensures our high-quality standards are met, it creates more efficiency and a better environment for our staff and customers.

Another reason Maritimo created a second team was due to the volume of forward orders for other models in the Maritimo range which are also well into 2025. Our dedicated large vessel production line ensures that current production is not affected in any way.

Now that the M75 and S75 are both just months away from their global premieres at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is there a great sense of anticipation amongst everyone at Maritimo?

The excitement within the company and among our Maritimo family around the world is extraordinary. There has never been such anticipation surrounding a Maritimo global launch in our company’s history. We have

Maritimo owners as well as boaters who have never owned a Maritimo from across the globe, booked to come and see the new M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht and S75 Sedan Motor Yacht at their global launch.

This year marks Maritimo’s 20th anniversary which is a significant milestone. Can you give us a hint about what we can expect from your anniversary celebrations?

The commencement of our 20th anniversary celebrations coinciding with the 75’s global launch will be a celebration like no other. Over the course of this year, we will celebrate everything Maritimo has achieved in our journey to date, while the global launch of the new M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht and the S75 Sedan Motor Yacht will be a glimpse into our course for our next chapter.

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