Leading luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo revealed their all-new M50 Flybridge and S50 Sedan Motor Yachts to the world, in a surprise announcement at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

These new 50-foot models are the latest incarnation of Maritimo’s continuing journey in creating luxury motor yachts which deliver luxurious living spaces, high-efficiency propulsion, reduced drag hull forms, exceptional build quality and blue-water credentials.

“Stepping up from a 30 or 40-footer never looked so enticing,” says Maritimo’s Marketing Manager, Simon Stewart of the reveal of the M50 and S50. “Equally, moving from a larger craft does not mean a contraction in luxury, comfort, ride, performance or overall amenity. All the learnings of the latest generation of Maritimo have been carefully curated into this new compact platform, ready to bring new dreams to boat owners the world over.”

The development of the new Maritimo M50 and S50 began late last year. Like all  Maritimo’s, the designs and specifications for the M50 and S50 have been shared with Maritimo owners their input to then further refine the final product offering. Pre-orders will be available soon.

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