Leading Australian luxury motor yacht brand Maritimo is set to make even more waves in the large motor yacht space, with the global reveal of the stunning S75 Sedan Motor Yacht. The S75 will be the largest sedan motor yacht Maritimo has ever created, and the new flagship vessel within Maritimo’s S-Series range, joining the S51, S55 and S60 Sedan Motor Yachts. “The new S75 offshore adventuring sedan motor yacht continues an evolutionary design shift to the exterior form and styling within the S-Series Sedan Motor Yacht range,” says Maritimo Head of Design, Tom Barry-Cotter. We caught up with Tom to get the inside word on this incredible new motor yacht.

This reveal is coming off the back of the reveal of the M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht, which we previously looked. How excited are you about revealing the S-Series sedan model?

The S75 is an incredibly exciting milestone for Maritimo. Taking pride of place as the Maritimo S-Series’ new flagship model, the S75 is also the eighth new model that was announced by Maritimo’s design and new model development division in 2021. The S75 has been in concept development for nearly two years, and we have been working with multiple owners over that period. So, it is certainly exciting for all involved to reveal the S75 for the first time.

How would you sum up this motor yacht for readers? Like all Maritimos, the S75 Sedan Motor Yacht is crafted for long-range coastal adventures. All Maritimos are designed with the inherent capacity, comfort, and capability for longrange cruising, but the S75 offers the absolute ultimate in these key areas. The S75 genuinely offers owners the ability to go further, shallower, lower (bridge draft), with all of the comforts and provisions you desire for long-range cruising, opening the door to more boating destinations than just about anything else on the water.

In your mind, what sets Maritimo sedan motor yachts (and specifically the S75) apart from other luxury sedan motor yachts? Maritimo is staunchly committed to crafting motor yachts of the highest quality, reliability and durability, to provide a hassle-free boating experience. All Maritimos are shaft driven, providing a proven low ownership cost, low maintenance transfer of power to the water. The S75 inherits the latest advancements in nearly 20 years of Maritimo hull design purely dedicated to shaft-driven propulsion, with all other engineering and systems onboard following ‘purposefully simplistic’ design and engineering ethos. The S75’s capacities, range, and offshore performance will be unmatched within the single-level category, giving S75 owners the ability to explore more comfortably and further than others. Having been designed and crafted for offshore cruising conditions, the S75 incorporates a number of features not seen on other vessels within its class – deep walkthrough side decks, multiple tender and gear storage solutions, and versatile enclosable and openable spaces, such as the upper cockpit and main saloon with Maritimo’s vista windows. Finally, adding to the stability, the S75’s large volume, wide-beam hull offers unprecedented deck space and internal volume. The adventure deck combined with the upper cockpit deck is like nothing seen before in this class. The open atrium within the heart of the S75’s accommodations sets the tone for the expanse of open space within the four stateroom layout.

What are the design hallmarks of a Maritimo sedan? How does the S75 embody the Maritimo brand spirit? A Maritimo S-Series needs to be a practical and tough ocean-going single-level motor yacht. In recent times Maritimo’s designers have been evolving the S-Series into a more contemporary style. However, it was imperative that the S75 did not lose any of its toughness or boaters’ practicality that has been ingrained into the Maritimo S-Series DNA.

What are the top five key features of the S75?

  • Maritimo’s trusted offshore cruising prowess.
  • Large capacities and long-range capability.
  • Unprecedented size of deck spaces.
  • Wide beam hull with large volume accommodations.
  • Versatile storage options via lazarette garage, adventure deck and hardtop utility deck.

The S75 Sedan Motor Yacht is scheduled for launch late 2022. For more information on the Maritimo S75, visit www.maritimo.com.au or call: +61 7 5588 6000.

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