Quintrex Brand Advisor Jasmine Buck gives us the lowdown on the versatile and affordable Quintrex Renegade.

Where does the Renegade model range sit within the Quintrex line up?

The Renegade still sits within the quintessential tinny category but takes it to a new level. While entry-level, with an attractive price-point, this boat is designed for versatility. Suited to inshore waterways and open bays, the Renegade is the perfect cross-platform vessel. With the Renegade, you can expect a clean internal layout with a front casting platform featuring spacious protected storage. Designed with the Blade Hull, it delivers a strong, reliable ride perfect for fishing, exploring or boat-camping trips. With a wide range of sizes and optional extras, it easily caters to a wide variety of applications and boaters’ needs.

What new features have been added to the Renegade models in the latest Quintrex update?

To make buying even easier, the Renegade now comes available in four configurations:

Renegade – entry-level boat, featuring only the essentials for the most cost-effective option.

Fishing Bundle – crafted for the fishos, the Fishing Bundle is packed full of a number of specially selected options that will make your day out on the water a breeze. QUIN460

Captain’s Bundle – designed especially for the helmsman, the Captain’s Bundle offers a simple upgrade option perfect for every driver.

Renegade Pro – decked out with all the bells and whistles, the Renegade Pro will deliver the ultimate on-water experience.

Is there such a thing as a typical Renegade customer? How do you imagine buyers using this vessel?

There is nothing typical about our Renegade customers. They come from all walks of life, all levels of experience and all areas of adventure. That is the beauty of the Renegade; it is built to suit everyone. While most typically used for fishing, the Renegade is also used for camping, diving, exploring and beyond. From chasing barra, to tuna, the Renegade can be seen in action in a range of applications.

Talk us through the Renegade variations.

The Renegade comes in three configurations, all available in a range of sizes: Tiller Steer, Side Console and Centre Console. Tiller Steer frees up valuable deck space while allowing easy navigation. For some anglers, a console offers a more intuitive driving experience. Side Console allows users to walk the centre line of the vessel and is the most popular configuration, whereas Centre Console allows 360-degree useability and therefore fishability. Preference ultimately comes down to the individual captain and the use of the boat.

How does the Renegade perform on water and how would you describe the ride?

The Renegade delivers a smooth, dry, and predictable ride. Designed with the Blade Hull, this boat cuts through chop with ease while dispersing water away from the hull with its stretch-formed design and flared bow. Thanks to the hull design, the Renegade is suited to inland and coastal conditions.

The Quintrex build facility is located on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Can you give us an overview of the size and scope of it?

We are proudly Australia’s largest boat manufacturer which goes together with our force of around 400 specialised boat builders. Based on the Gold Coast, we are not only surrounded by the boating lifestyle but proudly support local trade by injecting our community with hundreds of jobs, within a company that supports immense professional development and training.

What stages are involved with building a Quintrex?

Quintrex boats are all hand-built from scratch in the Gold Coast factory, meaning all the magic happens in one place, day-in and day-out. Each boat starts with a metal prep process of cutting and preparing all components of the model with high-tensile marine-grade aluminium. Once cut, each component is categorised together as per the boat order number, then sent to weld where all base components are affixed together by specially trained welders.

The shell is then sent to clean where the models are primed before being painted or polished if the model is unpainted, then paint – where the model starts to come to life and “look” like a boat. Once the model has gone through the early stages of production, they then go to fit out where all the internal componentry is fitted; including floors, seats, casting platforms and storage compartments, biminis and covers, and so on. Throughout the building process, each boat goes through four quality control stages before being packed up and sent to the dealership, inbound to the new owner.

It is a lengthy process, one driven by passion and innovation to deliver a truly unparalleled boating experience. It is a process that we have down to an art following decades of boat building.

Quintrex 460 Renegade SC

Give us a brief overview of the vessel.

The Quintrex 460 Renegade Side Console is one of 14 in the Renegade range; with Centre Console and Tiller Steer configurations also available. The 460 is a popular mid-size option within the range, perfect for fishing inland and offshore, and heading to camping spots off the beaten track for a secluded getaway. With a maximum horsepower of 75, and built with the Blade Hull, the 460 Renegade is a force to be reckoned with. The 460 Renegade is suited to five people; ideal for the whole family, or a bunch of mates.

What are the top five features of this boat?

  • The Blade Hull – designed using stretch-form technology, the Blade Hull cuts through chop with ease, while dispersing water away from the hull, delivering the industry-renowned soft and dry ride.
  • Large front casting platform – offering a stable deck to cast from, while offering ample protected storage.
  • Clean design – the Renegade is designed with a basic, yet strategically mapped, layout to deliver uninterrupted fishing  space with all the essentials.
  • Boat bundles – buying the Renegade is easy thanks to a number of clean-cut boat bundles, perfectly configured to suit the most popular lifestyles. The Renegade is the most stripped-back version featuring only the essentials for the most cost-effective option, Fishing and Captain’s bundles are an easy lifestyle upgrade and the Renegade Pro offers the ultimate experience with all the bells and whistles.
  • Standard with the essentials – the Renegade comes standard with extruded side decks, bow mount bracket, live bait

tank and more, plus features a variable deadrise.

You’ll love this boat if… you love life on the water. While crafted with the fisho in mind, the Renegade is an all-rounder due to the clean layout, industry-leading performance, and cost effectiveness.

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